Esthetics Services

Waxing Services Price
Eyebrow Shapping $16.50
Upper Lip $12.50
Chin $12.50
Neck $12.50
Ears $12.50
Side of Face $20.50
Full Face $40.50
Additional Esthetic Services Price
Eyelash Tinting $26.50
Eyebrow Tinting $15.50
Make-up Artistry $45.00
Make-up Consultation $45.00
Massage/Treatments Price
Scalp Massage (15 mins) $26.50
with Ultraviolet Treatment (25 mins) $36.50

Micro Pigmentation Services & Advanced Esthetics

Micro-pigmentation, also known as permanent make-up, is a procedure that applies pigment into the dermal layer of the skin. Wake up with Make-up!

Micro-Pigmentation & Advanced Esthetics Price
Lip Liner Contour $275.00
Full Lip Color $325.00
Full Brow $395.00
Microblading $375.00
Natural Eye Liner (upper or lower) $225.00
Natural Full Eye Liner $395.00
Glamour Eye Liner (upper or lower) $250.00
Glamour Full Eye Liner $425.00
*Areola Re-Pigmentation Service Priced Individually
*Scar Revision/Reduction Service Priced Individually
Tattoo Removal/Lightening Serviced Priced Individually

*Consulation required for all Micro Pigmentation Services.
**Consultaion required for Scar & Tattoo Removal Services.
Above pricing includes one follow up visit.

Hyperbolic Saline Tattoo Removal

Do you have a tattoo you regret or perhaps one you wish to lighten and cover up?

Jennifer has recently become certified from A+ OceansĀ  for Hyperbolic saline Tattoo Removals & Lightening. She is currently looking for models to undergo this new service in order to build her professional portfolio. Models will receive services and follow up at a significant savings!

Please fill out the contact form and Jennifer will set up a consultation for you.

All services by appointment only. For consultations or bookings please call 705-495-8217, see our Facebook page, or book directly using the contact portal on this site.

Life’s a canvas… be the masterpiece!

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